Hi! Thanks for visiting! We are Emily and Julie, or as we are better known in the world of social media, the Magic Kingdom Mamas. We share tips and helpful advice for families traveling to Disneyland Resort with young children. After having our own kids, we realized that navigating the parks with little ones comes with its own unique set of challenges (and joys!). Our goal is to use the knowledge that we have gained to help families have a memorable, stress-free day at the Happiest Place on Earth!
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  1. Love these question and answers. I am a true Disney lover as well and have a two year old son. We currently have passes but worry about continuing them in the future. I want Disney to be as exciting as it was for me when I was little but I only went once a year. I remember not sleeping at all the night before! Do you ladies ever think that the magic won’t be the same for the kids since they go so frequently? I worry about it with my son. Just curious to get someone else’s insight.

    • Such a good question…we totally wonder about that. So far, they seem to love it as much as we do – and it seems every bit as magical each time. We figure, we have a few years before they’re all in school five days a week (and they won’t be able to go as often)…so we’re kind of just packing in a bunch of Disney days while we still can, if that makes sense! We really hope the magic stays the same for them even as they get older! 🙂

  2. You ladies are amazing! I don’t get to visit Disneyland near enough (every three years or so) but you two have truly made the wait bearable. My kiddos watch your post and stories religiously with me and Im so happy they are starting to love and appreciate Disney as much as I (and you) do *o* Thank you!!!


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