Disneyland Resort Ticket and Annual Pass Prices Increase

Some big Disneyland news happened today and if you’ve been keeping up with our Instagram story, then you’ve probably seen all the information we shared this morning. For those who missed the details, we wanted to break all the known facts down for you!

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After many rumors floating around over the past few weeks about Disneyland/California Adventure ticket and Annual Pass prices going up, as of this morning (2/11/18), the rumors became truth. In an effort to keep crowds under control, Disneyland has increased their prices a couple times over the last couple years. Now with Star Wars Land making its way to the park in 2019, they’re really trying to manage overcrowding. It definitely is difficult to determine when “slow season” even is anymore because more often than not, the parks are crowded. We aren’t sure how much of a difference this price increase will make for crowd management, but we’ll have to see over time.

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All that said, there have been lots of questions about the details of the price increases, so we wanted to break down some of the facts that we know. First, see below for price comparisons from the OC Register for 2017 to 2018.


Ticket prices vary based on season. The tickets are broken down into VALUE, REGULAR and PEAK days with Value days being the slowest season and Peak days being busy season like Summer, Holidays, and some weekends. The Value option for a one-day, one-park ticket did NOT go up, but Regular and Peak prices did (as seen above in the comparison list). Value ONE-DAY PARK HOPPER tickets actually went down $10, which is great!

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If you plan to do multi-day tickets, either one park per day or park hopper, you can check out the pricing here. The more days you spend at the parks, the lower the day price will be. Also, don’t forget that if you purchase a 3-day ticket, you get the benefit of Magic Morning as well (one hour early entry to Disneyland one day of your 3 days).

THE 2 AND 3-DAY SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA RESIDENT TICKET SPECIAL IS STILL GOING (save 15%, 20% or 25%)! CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS. Must purchase tickets by May 21, 2018 to use by May 24, 2018. 

Annual Passes

Annual Pass prices went up quite significantly. The good news is, Disneyland has NOT eliminated the monthly payment option (of course this elimination has been rumored as well, but it’s not happening right now), so you can still spread out the payments over the course of 12 months. Below we’ve put some bullet point facts together after speaking with a Cast Member this morning about these price increases.

  • Current Annual Passholders MAY NOT renew at the current price they pay, they must renew at the higher price (so no grandfathering in).
  • There are NO longer renewal discounts available for Annual Passholders.
  • You can renew your Annual Pass up to 40 days before the expiration date.
  • If you renewed your Annual Pass recently and pay monthly payments (example: you just renewed in the last couple months, etc), you pay the same price that you’ve been paying until you have to renew again. So your monthly payment price will NOT go up to reflect the new price until you renew again.
  • If you choose monthly payments, you can renew early (up to 40 days early) and avoid paying the down payment again (which also increased significantly). Instead of paying the down payment, you can spread the entire pass amount out over 12 months. Yes, that means your monthly payment will be a little bit higher, but sometimes if you’re renewing passes for your entire family, putting multiple pass payments down initially can add up, so spreading it out is a nice option to have.
  • The SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA Annual Pass is still available to renew for those who currently hold that pass. This is not an option for first time purchasers.
  • The SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA SELECT Annual Pass (different than the Southern California) is still available for Southern California residents – first time purchasers AND renewals.
  • You can view the Annual Pass options here and blockout calendars for each pass here.

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