Frozen Live at the Hyperion


Frozen Live is one of the best shows to see at the parks! It’s a full on one-hour long Broadway production and all you need is theme park admission to enjoy it! That said, the show is very popular, so we have some tips on seeing it!

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We highly recommend getting a spot in line about 45 minutes to an hour before show time. You get to choose what section you want to sit in by getting into the appropriate line for that section. We’ve seen the show from the Orchestra & Mezzanine levels & both are great. Mezzanine is higher up, but allows you to see more of what’s happening on the stage with projections! Orchestra is the closest to the stage and you can really see the performers well! You can also choose the Balcony level which is the highest.

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Bring items that will keep your kids happy & entertained while waiting in line to get into the theater! Snacks are available from vendors outside and inside the auditorium. We always make sure to bring our Ergo Carriers or Solly Baby Wraps to keep our active babes & toddlers contained for a bit if needed. Have on hand lots of snacks, favorite toys, books, etc. If you need to step out of line for a restroom break or snack purchase, just ask a Cast Member for a “Snowflake Pass” so you can get right back into your spot in line when you return.


Stroller parking can get chaotic, specifically when trying to find your stroller after the show. Usually Cast Members will move the strollers of guests that are presently watching the show over by the pretzel cart in front of the theater to make way for the NEXT show’s strollers (or just ask a Cast Member where they were moved if not in that spot). We recommend parking your stroller in an area close to, but away from the theater! There are plenty of spots to do this over by Monster’s, Inc! If you do park in the main stroller parking area for the show, you can tie something bright to the handle of your stroller to locate it more easily after. Unfortunately, strollers have been stolen before, so a stroller lock is not a bad idea to have with you as well (locking stroller wheels together, NOT to any Disney property).

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Dining Package

A 3-course meal at Carthay Circle Restaurant on Buena Vista Street! The courses include soup or salad to start, then a choice from 3 main dishes like herb-crusted petite filet of Angus beef with Point Reyes blue cheese risotto (YES, PLEASE) with spinach and wild mushrooms. Kids menus are available and feature soup and salad and a selection of Mickey Check Meals (healthier meal options) such as crispy tacos or orecchiette pasta. To finish off this delicious meal, guests will receive “Olaf’s Summer Dream Vacation” for dessert!


  • Adults is $89.00
  • Kiddos is $59.00 (ages 3-9) – no charge for littles under 3.
  • Unfortunately, Annual Passholder discounts do not apply.

After you’ve finished your meal, head on over to the Hyperion Theater to enjoy a special reserved seating location to watch Frozen – Live at the Hyperion!

Reservations can be made online or by calling (714) 781-3463 everyday between 8:00 AM and 9:00 PM.

FYI – The show may be canceled due to technical issues without warning! If this happens, the dining package cost will not be refunded.

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