Fantasmic! is our favorite show at Disneyland! We always recommend families make time to see this amazing display of Disney magic! We've seen Fantasmic! a...

Critter Country Guide

CRITTER COUNTRY GUIDE Critter Country is just pure nostalgia for us! We’ve loved Splash Mountain since we were kids (one of us tried out for jr. high performing arts singing “zip-a-dee-doo-dah” …haha!), so we can’t go to Disneyland without at least walking through! In the AM, it’s completely empty & what slow Disney day dreams […]

Frontierland Guide

FRONTIERLAND GUIDE It’s not easy to decide which land is our favorite, but Frontierland is definitely in the top 2! We grew up watching Zorro & old westerns, so we just love it & want to move in! ATTRACTIONS Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (our favorite – 40″ to ride) Mark Twain Riverboat (currently docked in […]

Adventureland Guide

ADVENTURELAND GUIDE Adventureland is another one of our top favorite “lands!” We love the atmosphere & the structures & details are just amazing. ATTRACTIONS Indiana Jones – 46″ to ride The Jungle Cruise (turns into the Jingle Cruise for Christmas) – no ht. requirement Tarzan’s Treehouse – walk up into the treehouse & watch the […]


Downtown Disney

Downtown Disney is such a fun place to escape if you're in need of a break from the parks or you're just looking for...
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“Lost Parents Inquire Here for Children”

Becoming separated from a childĀ is every parent's worst nightmare. Never fear, though. In addition to the usual "what to do if you get lost"...

Route through Disneyland

We often get asked about what route we take through Disneyland, so below is a typical route we take through Disneyland. It can depend...

Pixar Play Parade

UPDATE: 8/2/17 - The Pixar Play Parade will have its last show at California Adventure on August 20, 2017. Sometime in 2018, the parade...

MKM Top 5 Attraction Picks at Disneyland

Disneyland attractions for little ones (our kids are ages 1 year-5 years old. Peter Pan's Flight (no height requirement) It's A Small World (no...

MKM Top 5 Entertainment Picks at Disneyland

Entertainment is such a fun and big part of a visit to Disneyland! We always make sure to stop for a couple shows every...