New Orleans Square Guide



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This little guy in the photo pretty much sums up our feelings about New Orleans Square! We LOVE it!

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  • Haunted Mansion – no Ht. Requirement (transforms into Haunted Mansion Holiday from the start of Halloween at the parks-the last day of Christmas at the parks) – Fast Passes are available for this attraction. We especially recommend getting a Fast Pass when it’s the extremely popular Haunted Mansion Holiday (or ride standby first thing in the AM)!
  • Pirates of the Caribbean – no ht. requirement
  • Disneyland Railroad (the train is parked at the New Orleans Square station for guests to explore – it will make trips around the park again Summer 2017) – no ht. requirement


ENTERTAINMENT (the official Disneyland App has all showtimes)

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  • Jambalaya Jazz Band
  • Royal Street Bachelors
  • The Bootstrappers



  • French Market – Cajun/Creole food
  • Cafe Orleans – Cajun/Creole food – reservation required
  • The Mint Julep Bar – Mickey-shaped Beignets & mint juleps – always a fave
  • Royal Street Veranda – Gumbo in bread bowls! Try the New Orleans fritters!
  • Blue Bayou – reservations recommended – amazing & romantic atmosphere – great spot for a date! Food is delicious & the seating area overlooks the waters of Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Club 33 – Members only club (or if you know someone with a membership, you can get in with the invite)! We had the privilege of eating at Club 33 once (amazing!), but it’s been a few years & things have been renovated since – hoping to go back one day soon!


Mint Julep from the Mint Julep Bar


  • Jack Skellington & Sally during Halloween at Disneyland through Christmas at the parks
  • Princess Tiana & Dr. Facilier on the Mark Twain


  • Port Royal – lots of Haunted Mansion & Nightmare Before Christmas goodies
  • Pieces of Eight – pirate souvenirs – actually one of our favorite stores – lots of unique stuff!
  • Le Bat en Rouge
  • Cristal d’Orleans
  • La Mascarade d’Orleans (AKA Pandora Jewelry)
  • Mlle. Antoinette Parfumerie


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